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Past DDGM’s

Past District Deputy Grand Masters:

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– Georgian District:
– Georgian North District:

Past District Deputy Grand Masters

of Georgian District

Georgian District first met in

London, Ontario on July 20th, 1916

1916-1917W. J. HillSeven Star 285Alliston
1917-1918John LittleCorinthian 96Barrie
1918-1919C. T. StephensManito 90Collingwood
1919-1920E. B. BrownVictoria 470Victoria Harbour
1920-1921R. T. CampbellNorthern Light 266Stayner
1921-1922M. S. KellerCaledonia 249Midland
1922-1923D. S. MorrowSpry 385Beeton
1923-1924D. S. MorrowSKerr 230Barrie
1924-1925R. D. KeefeGeorgian 348Penetanguishene
1925-1926J. D. CunninghamSeven Star 285Alliston
1926-1927C. G. KirkpatrickOrillia 192Orillia
1927-1928Thomas RobinsonManitoba 236Cookstown
1928-1929W. H. WhippsManito 90Collingwood
1929-1930L. T. SimpsonCorinthian 96Barrie
1930-1931G. S. DudleyCaledonia 249Midland
1931-1932J. J. McKnightTottenham 467Tottenham
1932-1933Howard GoverKarnak 492Coldwater
1933-1934J. R. LawrenceNitetis 444Creemore
1934-1935L. E. GrosselinVictoria 470Victoria Harbour
1935-1936G. F. CrosbieSeven Star 285Alliston
1936-1937J. W. MerrickKerr 230Barrie
1937-1938R. E. IvesNorthern Light 266Stayner
1938-1939M. E. PeacockPythagoras 137Meaford
1939-1940Fred SpearingSpry 385Beeton
1940-1941R. N. DoolittleOrillia 192Orillia
1941-1942R. T. C. DwellyGeorgian 348Penetanguishene
1942-1943R. E. RobertsonManito 90Collingwood
1943-1944F. C. LowerCorinthian 96Barrie
1944-1945J. R. H. GrahamNitetis 444Creemore
1945-1946J. B. BrownellEarl Kitchener 538Port McNicoll
1946-1947F. D. ShannonMinevra 304Stroud
1947-1948Jas PoppletonVictoria 470Victoria Harbour
1948-1949J. J. RobinsCaledonia 249Midland
1949-1950W. A. BlackburnNorthern Light 266Stayner
1950-1951M. D. MorrisonKerr 230Barrie
1950-1951M. D. MorrisonKerr 230Barrie
1951-1952C. W. CarrManitoba 236Cookstown
1952-1953J. K. McAuleyCoronation 466Elmvale
1953-1954J. K. McAuleyCoronation 466Elmvale
1954-1955Wilmer PalmerTottenham 467Tottenham
1955-1956W. R. AllenMinerva 304Stroud
1956-1957W. Eric BaconOrillia 192Orillia
1957-1958G. E. MunroManito 90Collingwood
1958-1959G. E. CampbellCorinthian 96Barrie
1959-1960R. N. WalkerSeven Star 285Alliston
1960-1961G. W. HallKarnak 492Coldwater
1961-1962T. J. PurvisEquity 659Orillia
1962-1963Earl W. GilroyManitoba 236Cookstown
1963-1964Mel G. McKechnieBeaver 234Thornbury
1964-1965Darrell MageeKempenfeldt 673Barrie
1965-1966W. H. RobinsonSpry 385Beeton
1966-1967Gordon E. SmithOrillia 192Orillia
1967-1968Neville KeefeGeorgian 348Penetanguishene
1968-1969Jack HeslipNitetis 444Creemore
1969-1970Leslie CrookKerr 230Barrie
1970-1971John DalrympleCaledonia 249Midland
1971-1972Toni ManciniSeven Star 285Alliston
1972-1973Tom BorthwickNorthern Light 266Stayner
1973-1974Chas RobertsonMinerva 304Stroud
1974-1975Ross HutchinsonCoronation 466Elmvale
1975-1976Wm. KirkpatrickCorinthian 96Barrie
1976-1977Art D. HamiltonVictoria 470Victoria Harbour
1977-1978A. D. SmithManito 90Collingwood
1978-1979D. G. MessengerEquity 659Orillia
1979-1980K. H. TeedBeaver 234Thornbury
1980-1981E. B. BoyntonSpry 385Beeton
1981-1982R. C. CasselmanTwin Lakes 718Orillia
1982-1983Herb F. OliverSeven Star 285Alliston
1983-1984Al AltmanManitoba 236Cookstown
1984-1985Gordon SmithOrillia 192Orillia
1985-1986David G. WalkerCaledonian 249Midland
1986-1987Gene FinkbeinerKerr 230Barrie
1987-1988Wm. T. AndersonKarnak 492Coldwater
1988-1989Ron HowardKempenfeldt 673Barrie
1989-1990Richard McBrideMinerva 304Stroud

Past District Deputy Grand Masters

of Georgian North and South District

1990-1991MW. J. HillManit0 90CollingwoodNorth
1990-1991Charles V CourseyCorinthian 96BarrieSouth
1991-1992J. Wm. SeymourOrillia 192OrilliaNorth
1991-1992Alvin S. SmithInnisfill 737StroudSouth
1992-1993Rod KnottBeaver 266ThornburyNorth
1992-1993Michael E. FulmerKerr 230BarrieSouth
1993-1994A. Ray HuttTwin Lakes 718OrilliaNorth
1993-1994James E. AndersonSeven Star 285AllistonSouth
1994-1995A. J. Tony HopeCoronation 466ElmvaleNorth
1994-1995L. Harvey StreetSpry 385BeetonSouth
1995-1996E. E. RobertsonCaledonian 249EMidlandNorth
1995-1996Keith RobinsonManitoba 236CookstownSouth
1996-1997Winston J. ElliottVictoria 470Victoria HarbourNorth
1996-1997John E. CooperCorinthian 96BarrieSouth
1997-1998R. M. McArthurNorthern Light 266StaynerNorth
1997-1998Glen H. GilpinCNitetis 444CreemoreSouth
1998-1999A. J. Dale PlantEquity 659OrilliaNorth
1998-1999Bronno NiemeyerMinerva 304StroudSouth
1999-2000Robert R. BeckettKarnak 492OrilliaNorth
1999-2000Douglas A. ConwayKerr 230BarrieSouth
2000-2001Ross L. MartinTwin Lakes 718OrilliaNorth
2000-2001Timothy J. SheridanSeven Star 285AllistonSouth
2001-2002James H. ParkerGeorgian 348MidlandNorth
2001-2002James G. OspreayMinerva 304StroudSouth
2002-2003Don McCutcheonManito 90CollingqoodNorth
2002-2003James R. LeeKempenfelt 673BarrieSouth
2003-2004Glen S. WebbOrillia 192OrilliaNorth
2003-2004John A. MilneTottenham 467TottenhamSouth
2004-2005David D. SneddenCoronation 466ElmvaleNorth
2004-2005Stephen F. BishopCorinthian 96BarrieSouth
2005-2006Earl T. McGauleyNorthern Light 266StaynerNorth
2005-2006Paul J. GowerSeven Star 285AllistonSouth
2006-2007Brian E. SeabournEarl Kitchener 538MidlandNorth
2006-2007W.W. McCullochKerr 230BarrieSouth
2007-2008Stanley ConnorsManito 90CollingwoodNorth
2007-2008Harry WelshCorinthian 96BarrieSouth
2008-2009John J. DemerseBeaver 234ThornburyNorth
2008-2009James R. TerryInnisfil 737StroudSouth
2009-2010Keith D. RobertsonCaledonian 249MidlandNorth
2009-2010John ImrieKempenfelt 673BarrieSouth
2010-2011J.C. (Chuck) VesseyOrillia 192OrilliaNorth
2010-2011Doug HammilNitetis 444CreemoreSouth
2011-2012Robert BroomNEquity 659OrilliaNorth
2011-2012John McKillipManitoba #236CookstownSouth
2012-2013Douglas T. StewardHuronia 348MidlandNorth
2013-2013Douglas R FleetSeven Star 285AllistonSouth
2012-2013John F. ThonpsonNorthern Light 266StaynerNorth
2013-2014Michael J. LongInnisfil 737StroudSouth
2014-2015Robert B. PhillipsNBayport 249Victoria HarbourNorth
2014-2015Kennard PrattSouth
2015-2016Joseph A. BurtonNorth
2015-2016David J BoyddSouth
2016-2017Terry W. KirkNorth
2016-2017Phillip J. LaundrySouth
2017-2018Paul H. KellyNorth
2017-2018Douglas R. TomlinsonSouth
2019-2019V. P. James StilesNorth
2018-2019T. David CuthbertsonSouth
2019-2021Edward J. HelmichNorth
2019-2021Jeffery L JohnsonSouth
2021-2022R. Paul GoodfellowNorth
2021-2022J. Scott RoweSouth

Banquet for Official Visit precedes Lodge, starting at 6:30 p.m
Banquet for Installation precedes Lodge, starting at 6:30 p.m

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