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Georgian North Contact

Web Master

Rt. Wor. Bro Keith D. Robertson


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If you have a posting for our site, information to relate or have any comments I would appreciate hearing from you.

The Working Tools of an E-mason

I now present to you the working tools of an e-mason. They are the mouse… the keyboard… and the modem… The mouse is to move within the desktop, the keyboard to input the date, and the modem to publish the date to cyberspace. But as we are not operative but rather free and accepted or speculative E-Masons, We apply these tools to our morals. The mouse teaches us to keep within the bounds of the screen – a square wherein which we must all meet. The Keyboard to show us that communication will lead us to a better understanding to each other and the rest of mankind. And the Modem to teach us that even when we are alone on the most remote part of the globe, we may meet and gain moral sustenance from each other and thus learn more of the wonderful works of the GAOTU.


In the construction of this web site I have tried to be as accurate as possible, however, I am not perfect and there is always potential for error. This web site is a service and I will not be held accountable for any errors that occur. If you find any such discrepancies, please contact me and I will make every effort to ensure they are corrected in due course