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District Committees

Scroll down for all district information including:

– District Committee:
– Advisory Board:

Masonic Associaion Committees:

Masonic Education and Mentoring

R. W. Bro. Dale A. Graham(Ch) 519-477-9686


W. Bro. Robert (Rob) Woodhouse 705-341-1200

Treasurer & Regalia:

W. Bro. Kyle Elliott 705-491-0533

Masonic Foundation:

W. Bro. Fred Aldred 647-210-7667


V. W. Bro. William (Bill) Wheeler 249-877-2433

Web Site & Social Media:

R. W. Bro. Keith D. Robertson 705-790-4853

Long Range Planning:

R. W. Bro. Robert (Bob) Phillips 705-527-5463

Historian & Archives:

R. W. Bro. Winston Elliott 705-527-7608

Masonic “C.H.I.P.” Program:

V.W. Bro. Shawn Hewlett 705-730-3963

Friend to Friend:

W. Bro. William (Bill) Beardwood 705-309-5159

Brother to Brother:

W. Bro. Craig Elliott 905-242-7782

District Chaplain:

R. W. Bro. Robert Broom 705-325-4091


W. Bro. Mike Wheeler 705-818-0253

Advisory Committee:

R. W. Bro. Robert Broom
R. W. Bro. Jim Stiles
R. W. Bro. Robert phillips
R. W. Bro. Paul Kelly
R. W. Bro. Win Elliott
R. W. Bro. Paul Goodfellow